Your Guide to Wearing a Mini Skirt

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Your Guide to Wearing a Mini Skirt

An item of clothing that is considered trendy and sexy, the mini skirt represents a great way for women to make a fashion statement. When shopping for a new mini skirt, a woman can use some guidelines that can help her make the right choice. With the many styles of mini skirts available in the marketplace, knowing what looks good on women of different ages can ensure they wear the right style of mini skirt. A woman may fashion her look in a mini skirt in one of many ways, based on the weather as well as the accessories on hand. Mini skirts may be made from denim, leather, cotton, or other types of fabric. The best way for a woman to feel comfortable in her mini skirt is to ensure she gets the right fit.

Mini skirts are sold at most clothing stores and department stores. A woman on a tight budget may also find used mini skirts in second-hand clothing stores. Another alternative is the online retail marketplace. eBay is an online auction site that has a wide range of mini skirts for sale at competitive prices.

Mini Skirt Lengths for Different Ages

Mini skirts look sexy as they show off a woman’s legs. Unfortunately, some women feel uncomfortable wearing mini skirts as they get older and may feel that mini skirts should only be worn by younger women. When the right length and style of mini skirt is chosen based on a woman’s age, style, and body shape, a mini skirt can look flattering on any woman.

Women in their 20s

In general, many women in their 20s are able pull off the classic short mini skirt. This type of mini skirt sits above mid-thigh height. This mini skirt makes a woman’s legs appear longer and is an ideal choice for the petite woman who wants to create the illusion that she is taller. To attempt a look that is not considered too risque in a short mini skirt, a woman may opt for a high-waisted mini skirt. The high waist creates the illusion that the skirt is actually longer than it really is.

Women in their 30s

A thirty-something woman may feel that a mini skirt is a little out of her league. However, by choosing a skirt that sits between above-knee or mid-thigh height, she can rest assured that she is able to pull off a tasteful and stylish mini skirt outfit. If a woman feels unsure of revealing too much skin, it is recommended that, when wearing a mini skirt, she keeps the top half of her body sufficiently covered. Baring too much flesh is a sure way to make a cute mini skirt look unattractive. An A-line mini skirt or a flowing skirt is a good choice over a tight mini skirt. A pair of sheer or semi-opaque tights can hide any skin blemishes or visible veins a woman may feel self-conscious about.

Women in their 40s and 50s

A woman in her 40s or 50s may also wear a mini skirt with elegance. The most important aspect when choosing a mini skirt for a woman of this age group is its length. Try a mini skirt that sits just above the knee. A high-waisted mini skirt creates an elegant silhouette, and a skirt that is nicely tailored without being too tight helps to create a feminine hourglass figure. If concerned about showing bare skin, a woman always has the option of wearing tights. She may like to choose from sheer, semi-opaque, or opaque tights, going with whatever gives the most confidence.

Various Ways to Style a Mini Skirt

Styling a mini skirt can depend on factors such as the season. By arming herself with a few mini skirt style ideas, a woman can get the most wear out of her mini skirt any time of the year.

Wearing a Mini Skirt in Summer

In the summer, a mini skirt looks great with bare bronzed legs. Team the skirt with a pair of cute summer sandals and a sleeveless summer top. During the warmer months, a mini skirt can be dressed up or dressed down by selecting the right shoes and top. Just keep in mind the amount of skin on show. Baring a lot of leg as well as a lot on top can result in a less classy outfit. Women who do not feel comfortable showing bare legs but still want to wear a mini skirt in the summer may try footless tights. These tights cover the legs sufficiently and look great under a mini skirt when teamed with cute summer flats. A full-skirted mini is a very feminine choice for a warm summer’s day.

Wearing a Mini Skirt in Winter

In order to wear a mini skirt in winter, simply team it with a pair of thick opaque tights. Black opaque tights are an ideal choice for casual or formal wear. A mini skirt with a relaxed sweater or warm knitted jumper and a pair of long boots can keep any woman warm as she heads out into the cooler weather. A mini skirt with a tailored jacket helps to create an outfit that is suitable for the office or for that dinner date. Bold coloured tights may be paired with a black or grey mini skirt and black court shoes.

Style a Mini Skirt With the Right Top

Regardless of the season, styling a mini skirt with the right top is vital for creating a fashionable look. To tone down a short mini skirt, wear a top with sleeves and a modest neckline. A feminine button-up blouse tucked into a high-waisted mini skirt may be a suitable choice for office attire. Remember that the style of top goes a long way towards dressing up a mini skirt or dressing it down.

Fabrics in Mini Skirts

Mini skirts come in a wide range of fabrics. Denim mini skirts tend to be among the more popular fabrics used. Denim is comfortable to wear, durable, easy to clean, and can be worn all year round. Leather is another fabric women like to wear. A leather mini skirt can look very stylish and fashionable. Leather mini skirts are durable and comfortable, although can be quite expensive. Cotton mini skirts and cotton blend skirts come in all types of patterns, styles, and colours. When looking for a tight-fitting cotton mini skirt, choose one with some amount of Lycra for added comfort and flexibility when moving about.

Mini Skirt Sizing

A mini skirt is designed to fit comfortably, enabling the wearer to walk easily in the skirt. A skirt that is too tight is likely to ride up the wearer’s legs, and a skirt that is too short may present other problems. The following table provides a list of common UK mini skirt sizes and the corresponding body measurements.

Skirt Size







69 cm

74 cm

79 cm

84 cm

89 cm


99 cm

104 cm

109 cm

114 cm

119 cm

Mini skirt measurements can vary from brand to brand. Buyers should always verify the specific body measurements of a particular mini skirt before purchasing it.

Shopping for a Mini Skirt on eBay

When looking to purchase a mini skirt online at eBay, buyers simply need to type "women’s mini skirts" into the search bar on eBay’s homepage. The search yields a long list of skirts for sale on the website. Buyers can further refine this list to a more specific size, style, brand, or colour of mini skirt, depending on what they need. Alternatively, they may like to search for a specific type of mini skirt. For example, those looking for a women’s size 10 cotton mini skirt or a women’s black Gap mini skirt simply need to type either of these terms into the search bar.

eBay has designed useful shopping tools that enable users to get the most out of their buying experience. Those who want to have access to their eBay account anytime, anywhere, may like to download eBay’s mobile applications for smartphones and other mobile devices. With eBay mobile, buyers can check on auction status, search for items, receive notifications, and pay for items. Downloading the applications is easy.


The mini skirt is a summer favourite for many women. When a woman understands how she can wear a mini skirt to create a unique look, she can wear her mini skirt any time of the year. A mini skirt is not just for the teenager or for the young twenty-something woman who has been blessed with slim, sexy, model-perfect legs. Women of all ages and shapes can look sexy and stylish in a mini skirt when they understand a few simple mini skirt style rules. Choosing the right length of skirt for her age, knowing how to best style a mini skirt to suit a situation, and getting the right size can help a woman look her best and feel comfortable.

The woman looking for a new or used mini skirt may head to a traditional retail store or online to eBay. At eBay, she can find a wide range of mini skirts of varying sizes, styles, brands, colours, and fabrics. eBay’s simple search methods, secure payment options, and reputable sellers make the buying process an easy one.

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