Your eBay Image - Be Seen As an Expert

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How to be seen as an expert in your field.

Are you an expert in your field on eBay? Maybe you are, maybe your not. One thing for sure is if you are seen as an expert you will install trust in your potential customers and they will be more likely to buy from you.

OK, so can I be seen as an expert?
It's simple, you create an eBook relating to your business and offer it to your potential customers for free or at a very low price.

So how do I do that?
Lets say for example you sell gardening tools on eBay. Remember, this is just an example but can be applied to almost any subject. You could write an eBook with various topics e.g. How to create the perfect lawn, you would state all the crucial points needed to do this and of course the tools you require. (that you happen to sell in your eBay store).  Or you may sell computer games, you could create a 'cheats' or 'tips' eBook. Again, you would include links to your eBay store or website. This can be applied to almost anything you sell on eBay.

I sell more than one type of product though?
Even better, if you sold gardening products and computer games you would create 2 different eBooks.

Well, I do know a bit about gardening, you should see my lawn. It's perfect.
Excellent! Now write about it and create a simple eBook, remember to include as much information as possible, you could also add pictures if possible. Try it! Open a word document and start typing. You will be surprised at how much you really know. Remember to include a link to your eBay store/website.

Once done all you need to do is convert the file to pdf or exe format. There are various tools available and software packages to do this for free or next to nothing. Now all you need to do is either give the eBook away as a bonus to all your eBay customers or if the content is really good sell the eBook on eBay with resell rights. In time the eBook will spread over the internet and expand your business. Everyone who reads your eBook will see you as an expert and with a bit of luck visit your store and make a purchase.

Try it! It wont cost you a penny to do so what have you got to lose?


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