Your guide to buying Aluminium Sheets

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Getting the right size

When purchasing an Aluminium sheet for whichever purpose you are using it for, it is important to get the correct size and thickness.
There are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing this material; Is it going to be strong enough for its purpose? Will it be flexible and bend for my use? Can I engrave onto this? - we have a variety of thickness' in stock so if you can't find what you are looking for please contact us, or if you are unsure which size to get for its purpose then our sales team can advise you. 

Different finishes & purposes

We have a large variety of different finishes for our aluminium sheets. The most popular is the Brushed & Anodised sheet, this is highly suitable as use for a kitchen splashback above a cooker. The brushed finish allows grease & dirt to easily be wiped away without leaving any streaks or marks. 
We also supply Aluminium 5 Bar Tread/Kicker plates, these sheets have a pattern where the design makes it a safe grip, durable and suitable for outdoor & indoor use. They are weather resistant and easy to clean.  Common uses for these are  Ramps, Kick Plates, Trailers, Tool Boxes & Flooring. 
We have a variety of coloured anodised sheets (Silver, Gold, Black & Bronze) these are suitable for decorative pieces, plaques, signs and architectural structures. 
Our Trophy Aluminim range (Available in bright copper, bright gold, matt gold, matt silver, bright silver & matt black) is popular with plaques as the finish makes it easy to engrave on, regarding you use the correct tools. It is also used as a decorative piece as its 0.5mm thickness makes it more flexible than the anodised sheets. 

Special size requirements

If you need a certain size and can't find what you are looking for in our products range then please contact our sales team. We are happy to see if it is available and get you a price. 
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