Your responsibility to get the goods to the buyer

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"I cannot be held responsible for items lost in the post" or "If you want this item sent by recorded delivery please include an extra 75p"

We see this statement all too often in listings, by sellers who are under the misconception that if an item goes astray in the postal system, then it's tough, nothing they can do, end of story............WRONG!!

It IS your responsibility to get your goods to the buyer and make sure they get delivered. If your buyer has paid by paypal and you send by standard or first/second class post and the item goes astray, the buyer can then claim through paypal for "item not received". Paypal will then ask you for proof of delivery, with the emphasis being on delivery, not posting. If you haven't sent the item recorded and can't provide a tracking number, the buyer will automatically win the claim and the refund will be taken from your paypal account and returned to the buyer. So you see, sending recorded is for your protection, not the buyers, so you shouldn't ask for extra postage in your listings. Any buyer paying with paypal is just going to ignore it, safe in the knowledge that if the item goes astray, they're covered.
By all means include cost for recorded in your total postage, but never ask for it on your listing.
Another reason to always send recorded is, that while the majority of buyers are honest, there are a few who intentionally look for listings where the seller obviously doesn't send recorded. They then receive their item, but claim they haven't, and,  if you haven't got proof of delivery it leaves you without a leg to stand on, with the buyer sitting pretty with your goods and your money, once paypal have refunded them.



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