Z-MAN Legend

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  The Z-MAN© logo stands for Z-gauge Miniture Accessories Network. 

 This logo means the load is ready for close up zoom shot with camera.

  Each load of the same type will not look identical because of added elements or minor variations. 

 This logo indicates that the article is made to look aged, rusty or weathered with resin pigment or acrylic paint.

The WYSIWYG logo guarantees that you will receive the exact same item shown in the auction photo.

This logo presents that the article is bonded on wood base or made of 100% genuine hard wood. (Not Balsa Wood)

 This logo presents that the item is made of partial or 100% plastic resin.

 This logo indicates that the article will fit more than one type of wagon.


This "FINAL 1" logo means that this is the final piece of the same type load. Production of the same type (i.e. [A],[B],[C]......) will be ceased due to the destruction of the original and the master mould. For many articles, the process of creating the master mould will destroy the original completely. 

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