ZOOM 2020

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ZOOM 2020

Do you want perfect vision? No - how about perfect sound? The 2020 has 5 footswitches to control the 20 preset and 20 user settings of the 5 sound modules - what you have basically is distortion,reverb,delay/echo,pitch shifting, phaser,flange,tremelo,wah and EQ and chorus.

You can add distortion to wah or EQ,choose one of the other effects from phase,flange,chorus,pitch shift or step (which is a sort of random,sample and hold function) add delay and then add reverb - the result varies anywhere from mellow phase sounds for strings to heavy metal overdrive.

There are 20 preset settings and 20 user settings which are selected using the BANK switch and the four other footswitches - which also act as the ON/OFF controls for the modules. The unit can be factory reset and also has inputs for optional controllers which can turn it into a wah pedal - some of the effects like Chorus and Echo are stereo and the ping pong effect is quite amazing,bouncing the sound from left to right - the only thing it lacks is a vocoder [Check the1204 and 1202 for that]  - for an aging unit the sound is still clear and worth using.

The manual for this unit can be found for download at Samsontech online.

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