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Hi my names victor and  buying  my ZOOM 508 echo pedal has been a long search for the sound of the shadows . Also it was my first buying go at using EBAY it was was problem free thank ebay

 The ZOOM 508 is old school tech but if you are looking for that shadows echo sound and want somthing low tech   then this is the one for you , they have not been made for a long time now but can still be found  on EBAY also there is a guy in NZ by the name of Brian Holden try his web site he has also done a lot in sortting out the 508 patches for almost all of the shadows tunes  .for that shadows echo the Zoom 508 has all that you will need its a great bit of old tech kit  by the way I was lucky I got mine through ebay from a guy in CA USA it is new still boxed with all its paperwork intact how lucky was I   if like me you are still banging away at them strings dont give up it great when you get there  keep on twanging. 

                                                       lone wolf

29/02/2016  I have been using my Zoom 508 since 2011 and would not change it unless Zoom came up with something better  maybe a Zoom 508 set up  with the FP01 pedal already incorporated I think that it would be a good idea , I now also have a ARIA APE-1 pedal  which has Chorus-Delay-Effect loop- Distortion-Compressor-& a bypass I purchased it second hand in A1 condition & I also built  my own sustain  pedal  along with my small 30amp fender amp I have all I need for what I like to do . keep rocking and rolling  lonewolf 45

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