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This guide is to help fans Zelda in buying and selling of the games and guidesand to provide a little more information about them.

The release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword marks the 25th anniversairy of the world of zelda which began back in 1986 with the release of The Legend of Zelda and the timeline proceeds as such:

The Legend of Zelda Relese Timeline:

1986 - The Legend of Zelda

1987 - The Adventure of Link

1991 - A Link to the Past

1993 - Link's Awakening

1998 - The Ocarina of Time

1998 - Link's Awakening DX

2000 - Majora's Mask

2001 - Oracle of Seasons and Ages

2002 - The Wind Waker

2004 - The Four Swords Adventures

2004 - The Minish Cap

2006 - Twilight Princess

2007 - Phantom Hourglass

2007 - Link's Crossbow Training

2009 - Spirit Tracks

2011 - Ocarina of Time 3D

2011 - Four Swords Anniversary Ed.

2011 - Skyward Sword

As a massive fan of zelda I love to follow the progression of the game and am trying to complete my collection of games etc, and am trying to complete my collection of the games and consels to play them on. I have provided a list (above) of all the zelda game's to aid in your search for the games on ebay. I have noticed that The Four Swords Adventures for the gamecube is very difficult to get hold of especially a PAL version and the limited edition version including the big box and gameboy advance cable. In my search for the limited edtion copy of The Four Swords Adventures I noticed a number of copies being extreamly over priced even to the Buy it now price of £1500 which is as i believe far too much for the game, i advise a price around £40 - £60 dependant on condition.

I am still looking to get the earlier games for the SNES and the gameboy versions of the games as well as the consels to play them on and by looking around on ebay these earlier games seem to be at a reasonable price.

There are many zelda guides available on ebay with varying prices which is great if you are trying to bulk out your zelda collection and find more enjoyment out of the games with some great little bargins if you look hard enough. I recently picked up the promotional guide for Wind Walker which from what i gather is very difficult to get hold of so there are some great finds.

I would advise all fans of zelda when buying games and guides to ask lots of questions when buying, to ashure quality of the product and make sure that the games work properly and disks are not scratched.

I hope you all find what you are looking for and happy gaming

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