Zhang Guang 101

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Beijing ZhangGuang 101 Group Corporation is world's leading manufacturers of natural herbal hair loss and skin care products. The company's hair loss products are sold in more than 150 countries and territories under well-recognized brand name: Zhang-Guang 101®  formulas with an overall success rate >85%. The original hair loss formula "ZhangGuang 101® " were first launched in 1978 and received 8 international awards. The great success of the original hair loss formula leads to the continuously improved hair loss products of Zhang-Guang 101 A®, Zhang-Guang 101 B®, Zhang-Guang 101 D®, Zhang-Guang 101 F®, Zhang-Guang 101 G®, Zhang-Guang 101 Shampoo®, Zhang-Guang 101 E Acne Getaway®, Zhang-Guang Capsule Qibao Meiran®, Zhang-Guang Shengfa Pian®. By 1997, at least 5.6 million hair loss patients from more than 40 countries/regions have regrew their hairwith the help ZhangGuang 101 series. The legendary inventor Dr. Zhang-Guang Zhao was honored by the highest ranking leader in China and his hair loss products reported by worldwide media in various languages such as New York Times, News Week, The Atlantic, People's Daily..

Brand Name Means Big Difference----Zhang-Guang 101® and Fabao 101

Usually a product manufactured under a license just cannot be as good as the original although the price could be made cheaper. Same is true for the quality difference between the Zhang-Guang 101® and Fabao 101. While our Zhang-Guang 101® hair products are manufactured by the Zhang-Guang group cooperation themselves and directly shipped from the factory to our retail outlets, Fabao 101 is a product manufactured under a contract from the Zhang-Guang cooperation. Both Zhang-Guang 101 and Fabao 101 are legally produced but if you are a person always seek the best for your life, select Zhang-Guang, which always use ingredients with highest quality to fullest amount no matter how expensive they are! We are proud to present you the most complete and original Zhang-Guang 101® series, including the latest clinic grade double strength hair follicle nourishing tonic that have the much increased strength due to newest extraction technology.

Usage and Administration:

Light bald and over hair loss with less than 2 years: 1-4 ml (vary with the degree of hair shedding)
of the tonic 1-2 time a day. One month is a course of treatment. 2 courses are generally needed.

Alopecia Areata:3-5 ml each time 2 -3 times per day. One month is a course of treatment. 3 courses are generally needed.

Alopecia Capitalis and Alopecia Totalis:5 -7 ml each time 3-4 times per day. Two months are a course of treatment. 3 courses are generally needed.

Wash you hair 1-2 times a day and apply the tonic after the scalp is dry again. In all cases, massage slightly with fingers at the bald skin to promote the penetration of the tonic. Slightly increase the tonic used to ensure an even message may stop hair loss quick and have regrowth earlier. The product is only for external application and should not be taken orally. Individuals allergic to alcohol should use with care. Avoid using on broken scalp skin. Guardian of parent is necessary if under 18 years old. After using, please seal tightly and keep in a dry and cool place. It is normal for some individuals to feel itching in their scalps after application. if intolerable, it should be discontinued for several days, or seek advice from 101 center.

After curing

To stablize the curing effect, it should be used 1-2 times daily with decreased quantity for 1-3 months.

The series are for external use only and not to be used orally. Persons who are anaphylatic to alcohol should be cautious in using. Cover the bottles tightly and keep it at a cool and dark place after usage. Keep it from children. Take extreme caution if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse with large amount of cool tap water. In case of accidental ingestion, seek professional assistance.




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