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Thinking of buying a pressure washer or lawnmower??? Don't buy from Zumapark!!!!

This seller continually lists items that he cannot supply because he doesn't have them! Karchers and Flymo's are his favorite. Don't be fooled by the "buy it now" offer or the fact that he's a "power seller" he's really someone who likes to take your money then offer you some inferior product that he can make more on in an effort to shut you up. He has after all already had your money so why should he care if you're not completely satisfied??

Ebay are the people who get the blame, anyone who asks, "where did you get it?" will be told  ... Ebay.


My advice is to ask if the item is actually in stock? Can I collect? What's your address? However most of the "traders" who are prepared to make bogus listings will also give less than honest answers.

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