acer n35 pda gps

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I bought one of these last year, did previously have a 'medion pda/gps' previous to this but had a refund from the retailer when it developed a fault, prior to the medion developing a fault, it worked brilliantly, very quick to'warm up' & log onto the satelites, and very rarely gave inacurate directions...nowto the acer...

From the start it had a fault with the pin connector, you had to hold the cable at an angle in order to connect...i should of took it back, but thought i could put up with it, besides i needed to have a sat nav daily for my work.

Accuracy i would mark it 5 out of 10, the screen instructions were usually the most accurate and often the audio instructions did not match the screen instructions, often going through a certain area gave the same wrong instructions every time.  Often it could not find addresses, even though they were not new. or it would take me on a wild goose chase, i got into a habit to check an a-z before setting off just to double check the general direction.  Signal would often be lost epecially if in built up areas or on cloudy days, it would often take 5-10 minutes to log onto the satelites.  Nearly every day it could not find the GPS when 1st logged onto the navigation program,  and a soft reboot was the only way to fix this.  The processor is only 266hz wheras the medion was 300hz, the drop in speed was very noticeable in doing any function.

i could not find a way to update the POI with speed camera databases.

My pda finaly bit the dust one month out of warranty, I have a nice colourful rianbow effect on the screen with large black patches...

Would i buy another?  Would i recommend it to anyone?

No way !! There are some much better ones out there and for a lot less cash.

So now i am resorting back to the A-Z, till i decide which Sat Nav system to get next.

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