adsense websites on ebay explained nonsense revealed

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What they are not telling you about readymade adsense websites you see in the listings on ebay, you need to know the truth.

If you go along to the business and industrial categories on ebay , you'll discover lots of listings for readymade adsense websites, all of them offered in different packages and readymade sales letter that promise you the earth and the hope of a good passive income all inside just a short few months.

Nearly all of the adsense websites that are offered in the ebay listings are generated by automatic or semi automatic software and the content is provided by a mixture of duplicate content of articles and scraped listing from the google search machines organic listings.

They tell you that they have done all the keyword research for the highest paying keywords to ensure that you will get decent commissions in your adsense account, this is just not true, there is much more that's needed to be done before you even create your adsense account.

One of the popular myth's purported in the creation of adsense websites for sale on ebay is that you will quickly be earning a p[assive income each day, week, and month.

Consider this, if the same package is being sold over a short period of time and they all promise you to be on the first page of the search machines, it is total NONSENSE, there are only so many places on the first page of a search machine, how can they all get on the first page?

The answer is obvious , they can't, where does lead you then?

Do you have the money to run an expensive Adwords campagin, do you understand how to work out your ROI, return on investment, do you know how to do your research? use a tracker to test your campagins.

You can have the best researched adsense website but without traffic to your website it is dead in the water.

Conducting your research is essential to working out how you are going to drive traffic to your new adsense website.

As adsense is really based upon high paying keywords and matching content that appear in the adwords adverts, due diligence is required or you will lose money on your marketing efforts, worse still, waste your valuable time.

Here's an short example

Lets take the word Mortgages, using some special software that l have reveals that to purchase the top spot on google first page for adwords will cost you around the 55 usd mark.

Sounds great when you see it in an advert for buying adsense websites that have been prepared for the word Mortgages, nearly everyman and his dog knows that the word mortgages and abestos or cancer are high paying keywords and so produce their adsens websites to match those words and they end earning nothing at all.

Why? The competition for those high paying words is so fierce that the amount of money and effort required to break into that market is a total waste of time and energy.

You are up against some sophisticated people who have both the money and expertise to retain their market share.

You might think you can break into that market with articles but again they will have alread covered those basic marketing ploys to drive traffic to their sites and to get important one way links to their websites.

All that is open to you is to do some really deep research and find a very tight niche that is yet to be discovered that will generate enough traffic to your website, or discover enough keywords that you can concentrate on that others have missed, either way you will be able to do this with a readymade package that hundreds of others have also been sold.

My advice to you is plain and simple, look before you purchase your adsense website, cheap package nearly always end up costing you more in the long run that a carefully researched individually made adsense website.

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