alexandra davies artist

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tar baby blues

venting the optional
hip hop on the underground
tar baby blues
love on the underground
seeks to destroy
all that I can the black suicide
of a broken hearted man
garbage of the heart
oil painting of the soul
shamanic visions
trance is so old
ravers in graves
transmitting your pain
alternative comedians
painting for slaves
government blues
breakfast at tiffanies
tramps in my shoes
gurus in blues
old as the soul
ravers now sold shoestring goals
banksy in destiny
arrested my heart
fine as the times trendy simple simple simon says
hotel California
pink walls so small
publish a list
alices mirror
roundabout horror
looking glass fame
lost on the undergroung
edit in pain
punished and old
rock and roll radio
managers adverts
blues amalgamation
distortion on pedals
sold for a soul
solid as fame
water blues judge me not
for do I not bleed
all the worlds a stage third time age
mays virginity
trendy as slaves
celestial names
god gave me strength
for needless sowing my heart
rasberries of old
universal soldier
the world around us is a strange and wonderful place
utopia is real real or unreal
fairytales abound
stories told
anything can happen
anything could happen who knows
life is a mystery
destiny is ours
all options are open
my name is Alexandra davies I am an artist I like to paint pictures that depict the world around me
I have been published in four art books and will be published in lots more.
I now have a tragic romance out on ekindle, it is set in a time when war and global warming have ravaged the world. It is only 99 pence. You don't need a kindle you can download an app. It is called ' A Virus in the Machine'

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shamanic frued

abstract art
modern art
surreal art
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