alloy wheels, wheel courier dot com, cardiff

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what  a waste of time, i should have delivered the wheels myself and it would have been much cheaper due to wasted time off work

didnt turn up on first day of booking and then couldnt communicate with them apart from email as they DONT HAVE A PHONE CONTACT !!!
they replied via email 2 days later
with a rubbish excuse that they couldnt tell me why the wheels were not pick up as booked and paid for and confirmation email sent with date for collection

this is now my second day off work due to rebooking collection
so 2 days of annual leave wasted

its approaching 3.45pm, been sat here since 8 am although they offer collection 9 am - 5.30pm and cant give you an estimated morning or afternoon collection time

no sign of a collection as yet (im not vey hopeful that they will come)  and no replys to my emails today re the non collection as yet

i would stay away from this firm
very unprofessional and no customer service
if they cant collect on time god knows how the items will be treated and how long they will take to deliver to the buyer???

how can a firm claim to be reputable if they cant deliver what they promise and then use rubbish excuses
even my 5 + 6 year old nephews have mobile phones, so why is it acceptable for a courier not to have telephone contact, not acceptable in 2010!

i would advise that you use a more reputable national company and pay the extra for a better reliable service
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