amazon voucher fraud

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this guide is for sellers of amazon vouchers. may apply to other vouchers.


unfortuantly there are times when fraudster buyers operate on this site using hijacked accounts etc, they buy your vouchers, you send then the code to them by email, only to find out a few hours later that paypal are holding the funds as they suspect a fraudulent account was used, if this is the case youve just lost the money the buyer sent you and your amazon voucher.

There is a simple way you can protect yourselvs and thats to not email the code for 48 hours after the buyer paid you, i sometimes have vouchers for sale, and have been caught out by these fraudsters a few times, like i say paypal and ebay normaly detect this fraud but by the time they do its to late, now since i have waited 48 hours to send the voucher code i have not once been a victum of this fraud, only 2 days ago, i sold a voucher on a buy it now, and sure enough about 9 hours latter i got the dreaded email from paypal saying they had put a hold on the funds as they suspected fraud etc, luckily as i now operate the 48 hour rule i had never sent the voucher code, meaning i lost nothing and the fees will be refunded.

I sugest all sellers of voucher codes be it amazon or anything else to do with vouchers where the codes are emailed addopt the 48 hour rule.

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