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this is just a simple warning to all genuine ebayers!!

i had the misfortune of dealing with a seller ann-80. i bought an old mobile phone as advertised with sim, charger and manual. i received a mobile with wrong charger, non-working sim and no manual, i tried to contact the seller but i got a response saying that the email address is no longer in use so i had to open a dispute (i didnt take this decision lightly!) then i got a response saying'sorry will post this week' so i closed dispute after she said she had proof of postafe. i am still waiting on items almost 3 weeks later! i then got an email from seller saying that she is no longer on ebay, so i used the contact the seller link, then i got a response from her 'husband' saying that she no longer lived at the address and she was using his ebay account!!! i left negative feedback (again i dont do that without damn good reason) and she had the cheek to send me negative feedback saying that it was royal mails fault!!!

please do not buy from this seller!!!she has now made her feedback private!!!!why do this if u have nothing to hide!!!????



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