another fraudster takes me 4 a ride

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well as i have said before watch out for all those great sales you think you can make when someone offers to pay more than the price you are selling for i have just been scammed 4 months after the sale completed and im disgusted at the way it has been handled . 1st i sold the phone then the lady contacted me to say is it possible to collect on a certain day @ a certain time fine i thought not a problem . so i told her that i would have to take time off work so that i can be there for her (no problem you think)WRONG!! She said she would pay me for the loss of 2 hours pay ok here comes the scam!! she paid me through paypal which was fine as i thought this would still be covered by seller protection i did tell her that she could pay by cash on collection but she said that she had a great deal of money in paypal and instead of waiting for a balance transfer it would be easier  for of us and also  paid me the 2 hours pay i lost by leaving work early i told her she would still have to wait a week as i would rather wait to make sure the payment wasnt cancelled . she called round 8 days later to collect the phone and all was good she signed a reciept to say she had recieved the phone and the deal was done !!! 2 weeks ago i recieved an email saying that the payment had been unaurthorised and the £265 had been held untill further notice so i contacted paypal saying the item had been collected in person and i had a reciept to confirm this  oh no not good enough as the item wasnt sent by post it wasnt covered ...... so tell me who is the true fraudster in this is it the lady who collected the phone or paypal for not picking up on the scam straight away 4 months it took them by then the lady in question is no longer a registered user nor is the email address which she used to contact me valid HOW MANY OTHERS HAVE BEEN SCAMMED LIKE THIS !!!! so beware you may think you got a good thing going but even with a signed reciept you are not covered . and payapl even charged me £14 administration costs


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