another sidozey victim

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I have also been scammed by sidozey to the tune of £75 inc cost of POs plus signed for delivery. How could I have been so stupid? Never again. The POs were cashed so my money is long gone. I managed to raise a dispute on ebay before they deleted the item out of my 'items I've won' list. Dont know what is happening to the dispute, have emailed them but no response yet & cant raise another because the item no longer exists. Sounds like they are destroying all evidence so keep hold of everything you have regarding any similar incidents that have happened to you.

It turns out that 26a York Street is a virtual office providing mail forwarding services for £20 per month so I doubt if Peter Dawood is sidozey's real name or that he lives in London. The company, W1 Office London, must have details of whomever set this up which the police could sieze since criminal offences have been committed. Additionally, ebay must have some details.

I've reported the fraud to my local police who visited me at home and suggested that I collect all evidence together. I also spoke to the Met Police on the number published by mexrs. They did not give me a crime number & did not take any details but suggested that I compile evidence & pass it to my local force who should then liaise with the Met. The local PC suggested that this sort of individual crime might not get a lot of attention since its pretty small but if all of sidozey's victims did the same then that might attract more attention. I've already emailed a number of people that have written about their experience with sidozey requesting information regarding what they have done with respect to reporting the fraud committed against them by sidozey to the police. I feel that if I reference these in my info it might be helpful. Fingers crossed.

I cant see any help coming out of ebay so I'd suggest that all of sidozey's victims do similarly & report the fraud to their local police. He will certainly get away with it if we dont.

Cheers David

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