antique bears

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when buying old or antique bears there is an important question to ask

how are the ears fitted to the head?

alot of "old" bears are sold as english/german

but they are not!

and a good way to tell is by the ears

if they are pushed into holes made in the head then they are almost certainly

american/east europian (polish/eastern block)

they have long barreled bodies aswell (sometimes)

with an inoperative growler rattling around in the tummy

an english / german bear will/should be very well made

with ears stitched either into the side head seams or across the head seams

but always STITCHED!

WE HERE IN ENGLAND make some of the finest bears ever to be marketed

DEANS being our oldest bear company and one of our finest!

germany too are fab

australia make lovely bears aswell

but NOTHING CAN BEAT having a hold & feeling the bears for yourself

getting to know your BEARS is essential if you want to be an avid collector




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