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juwel rio and vision aquariums

these tanks and cabinets are excellent value for money as they are sturdy and well built.

they normaly come with twin lighting built into the hood. they have two flaps that lift up and the light unit slides towards the back for very good access to the aquarium. they also come with the built in filter as standard. and of course the heater.

they come in a black, beech and dark wood colours.

they dont need any polistyrine or cusioning mats between the tank and base as they have a frame round the base of the tank that keeps it off the cabinet. so no fear of them cracking under uneven surfaces.

you can get the 3d backgrounds that you can easily fit in the inside of the tank which does look very effective. they come in a range of different desighns to suit your tast. or you could get  juwel backgrounds that fit on the outside of the tank.

you can get a very good range of accessorys for them like auotomatic feeders, light reflecters that fit onto the lights.

the cabinets that are made for them are of very good quality also they have shelfs and cupboards in them. most of them are removable shelfs ideal for external filers, protein filters, and so forth.

please look into keeping fish as they will reward you with years of pleasure if you look after them. you can get some good books that will guide you if you are a first timer.

enjoy your hobby as it is rewarding and relaxing hobby. and will give you years of pleasure as i mentioned before.

would recommend these very highly


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