are we as bad as china for encouraging fakers

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ive been reading reviews and warnings on ebay about the "untrustworthy" chinese and american market for top brand guitars at stupidly low prices and the truth is you should be very careful that goes without saying but let me tell you its not just the chinese and americans who's targeting the nieve.ive found propper shops with propper good feedback in england and thier selling ibanez jem kits(check woodycustom for instance)no disrespect to them they are a good respectable outlet for fantastic genuine goods but if you can buy a ibanez jem kit from them for around £100 with headstock decals then whats to stop you selling it for the same price of a real one to some sucker who's a bit wet behind the ears.i find it hard to believe this has been over looked or not my opinion its just as bad as ripping someone off with a fake,i think it encourages crime and is almost promoting racism,if you look at china's economy its no wonder there doing anything they can to feed themselves but i dont think we can say the same for ourselves.we have no reason at all to promote this kind of jiggery fakery in any form so in short and in some ways i would rather get a fake from china and no its fake than being stung by a genuine dealer from the uk.again i must say woodycustom is a very trustworthy outlet for quality and genuine guitars and musical items THIS IS NOT A BAD REVIEW FOR WOODYCUSTOMS i must make that absolutely clear.if your not 100% sure what your buying have an experienced musician give it the once over or go to your local music shop they will be very happy to help and remember the golden rule.."if it seems to good to be true...THEN IT PROBABLY IS!!!

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