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well recently i had a laptop to fix for a friend which was a "advent 7086 " after searching the web for the drivers i came across a blog stating that a "advent 7086" is the same as a "ecs321" and the same as a "elite 321" the drivers was on the ecs site ,now these are 3 different companies but the same laptop,also after this i found loads of items different names /companies but same item i bought several mp3 players some "mikomi" and some "acoustic soloutions" guess what they was exacly the same mp3 players just different logos i think a lot of items are built in far east and then different company`s buy them and put there name to them this can be anoying as you think your buying one brand of item but infact its a different brand and just has there name to it  ,now this is is copying isnt it? as 1 item cant be another without it or one being a copy?  now heres a delema if i had a "advent7086  laptop" and needed a new battery and bought a "ecs321" battery then i needed a new screen and outer casing and bought an "elite 321" screen and outer casing  now what would i call this laptop in theory its still a "advent7086"  but also a ecs321 and a elite 321 if i sold it as a advent could sombody say its not what it says it is mmm ,
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