autograph collecting

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i,ve been a collector of signatures for over 35 years. with the growth of autograph collecting in recent years its become harder for buyers to tell the many fakes on the market. in my mind theres no substitute for experiance and if you intend to buy off a dealer , then ask the person LOTS of questions. if they do not reply i would tend not to buy off them. most experts are also collectors and more than happy to discuss the hobby with anyone. i love talking about the hobby , even though i now sell more than i collect. if you are going to sell , always offer a full refund if the buyer is not 100% happy. i never knowingly sell any item that is not totally genuine. the best way to tell if an autograph is ok is to check the paper , the smell of it , the colouring and go onto other sites and compare the shapes of signatures. ive seen some awful autographs for sale that i,m sure are fake. i was told many years ago that if an item looks right .....then it stands a chance it will be. its all down to experiance. i am always available for advice , opinions and guidance . email me at any time and i will do my best to help. it doesnt matter whether you are buying off me or not, just ask! i will never refuse an opinion and my knowledge . modern autographs are more of a minefield than older ones as they tend to be rushed scribbled jobs. with vintage signatures going back 50-60 years or so you have the benefit of being able to judge the age of the photo , the wear and importatnt. and the signatures were normally more distinct and readable. email me anytime for advice or information on any item i am selling on
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