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Those who say they have being collecting since 1984

AND those who say welcome to Golden Gate Banknotes.


There are certain sellers who sell collection lot banknotes in one lot. They show one banknote which is valuable and the rest of the notes are all valueless, this is a scam. They are not honest sellers. Sometimes you dont recieve anything at all! They can not be bothered to even scan all the notes for you to see, they just scan one note to mislead you. They claim they have been collectors and have been collecting for 30 years. PLEASE be CAREFUL and BEWARE these SELLERS.

The title for refrence was Welcome to Golden Gate Banknotes, I have been research them for the past two weeks. I went to Chesire to see where this this business was supposed to be based at and there is nothing there. I have been conned myself and lost money from dealing with this people. If these are honest sellers then ask them to show all the notes they are selling! You probably wouldnt even get an answer.Anyway I am a bit upset now, these people are still conning people and trying to sell banknotes without any knowledge or history about banknotes - It makes honest sellers like myself sick. PLEASE WHEN YOU SEE BANKNOTE LOTS WITH ONLY A PICTURE OF ONE BANKNOTE WHICH SAYS WELCOME TO GOLDEN GATE BANKNOTES OR SIMILAR THEN SOME FRIENDLY ADVICE TO YOU IS PLEASE BECAREFUL OR YOU MIGHT FIND YOURSELF OUT OF POCKET! (£HUNDREDS++++)

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