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benefits of babywearing

Babywearing is an ancient art that our modern culture has yet to rediscover.
Wearing your baby in a wrap or sling has so many emotional, psychological and educational benefits for baby, mother, father and other special people in your child’s life.The following are some of the vast benefits of Babywearing and as time goes on researchers are discovering more and more.....

It allows wearer to develop a deep bond with baby and secure mutual attachment
Increases sensitivity to babies needs – you recognise noises and expressions quicker
Simulates the sensations of pressure, motion and warmth of the womb [Dad babywearing]
When in an upright position in a sling/wrap it helps bring up wind, soothes colic and reduces reflux
It helps premature babies with development and bonding
The movement created by the Babywearing promotes neurological development .Babywearing is the act of using a sling, wrap or other carrier to hold your baby close to you for prolonged periods of time. It was coined by Dr William and Martha Sears, who also invented the term ‘Attachment Parenting‘ but babywearing has moved out of the Attachment Parenting umbrella and many people embrace it on its own without adopting all of the other AP views.
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