bad point a bout ebay

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eBay Buyer Protection is false it dont really work i was nt protected against sellers and i lost out a lot of money when i recieved items not as discribed ebay would nt help me  after all the hassel i had when i got items not as discribed ebay just let those sellers get  away with it i never recieved any refunds  on items what not as discribed and lost all disputed cases so beaware when reporting a bout items not recieved or not as discribed ebay never help these cases it a total waste of time having to wait 10 day to find out i wont get any refund if did nt recieve my item or if my items was nt as discribed or if i recieved counterfiet goods  well i tell you now i lost out on 1 laptop which turn out to be not genuine ok i also lost out on a laptop battery which i never recieved but never  good my money back plus i lost out out on a webcam which i recieved but turned out to be counterfiet i never got my money back plus the seller is still sellers these ebay never banned them all in all i lost a lot of money and was nt proctected thanks for reading this

true information ebay does not give you ebay buyers and protection service they will not solve any issues at all they say it at your own risk if you buy any items from ebay they dont offer any kind off protection the only way to solve any problem you have with your items is sort it out with your seller and if you carnt the take them to court ebay all ways say sorry theres nothing we can do to help


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