balamory jump and dance dvd

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i write this guide because i have a 19 month old who loves balamory. i recently baught the josie jump - jump and dance figure and dvd for £6.99 from quality save.  i then looked on ebay to see if this was a god price or could i have got it cheaper . i was shocked to see that some people are selling it in excess of £10. ebay can be an excellent place to get childrens toys cheaper than the shops, but dont forget for a lot of sellers on ebay, ebay is a living for them that is how they make a wage. always remember to look around first if you have time. toys and children items can be exploited on ebay because sellers know people will pay more to make their child happy. unfortunatley quality save shops are only based in and around manchester, so some people may have to buy of ebay and line a sellers pocket or try looking somewhere else if you can.

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