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hello evryone this is  basically some info for anyone who wants to use ebay and paypal .to sell .. if you list items to sell on ebay and dont sell to someone who buys the item   to actually see if genuine or not .. it dont matter they still can say its fake .. even if you sold 10 of that item to happy customers who have left feedback.. but snake in the grass weasle .. doesnt like it and says its fake or violates some copyright which he doesnt own or have to proove he does its fake .. and ebay remove without no investigation.. even if the copyright owners havent complained then you get restricted in selling and account banned even if you have good feedback and paid all bills ontime .. it dont matter you are scum.. then they tell paypal that you may  be a liabillity and have returns so paypal hold all your mony for 180 day s no contest as no one to complain to .. my advise is if you can use another service do .. as this place is for jokers .. looks like the only criminals around her are ebay and people they protect  ie buyers who  buy items and say never arrived and get full refund all theif bay wants to do is take your money... i invited any such socalled copyright claims or criminal crime i have  supposed to of done to be investigated then ..alas nothing . because there is nothing ..  and there is nothing and no way you can protect yourself .. i f i had a grudge or problem i could report all your listings real or not and you would be  banned i would  know that as i would of been through process myself .. so watch out
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