bath towels for babies

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How to Choose a Bath Towel for a Baby
Baby's bath is a wonderful evening ritual. In the water, your baby feels great - relaxed and happy.
To make your little boy or girl even happier after the bath, you should cover its body in a plush and fluffy hooded towel. It is important that the material used to make a towel is safe: anti-allergic, without any harmful dyes, chemical substances or heavy metals. The hood protects the head from losing body heat.

Facts and myths about bathing babies
1. FACT - soap can dry out and irritate the delicate skin of your baby so use bath emollient instead (around pH 5.5) or a liquid baby cleanser. Check if the product is recommended even in the first few days after a birth.
2. FACT - bathe your baby at any time of the day and allow at least a nap after the ritual
3. FACT - use only safe materials: cotton wool, a sponge or flannel
3. MYTH - you shouldn't bathe your baby in the tap water. Not true.
4. MYTH - give your baby a bath every single day. No. If your boy/girl is a newborn you can do it only two or three times a week.
5. MYTH - avoid a bath until your baby's umbilical stump drops off. Just keep it above water level and if it gets wet dry it with a soft towel or cloth

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