be careful

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everyone on here is ok but you get some who say they have not recieved your payment when you send it a week before and when you send 10 personal cheques out at the same time all to sellers and 9 have cashed them and you recieve the items no problems what does that tell you yep you got it they are on the con and people who cash cheques and dont send item are as bad hope you have more luck but other than these all my sellers have been ok i have got some  good bargains of ebay and enjoy havng a look even if i am not buying i hate it when you buy an item and you pay by personal cheque and then the seller says they have not recieved your payment then they dont reply to your emails for over a week and then you have no option but to leave them neg feedback and they try to turn the blame on the buyer when they are at fault and people who cash your cheque and dont send item that you wanted for a birthday present and the birthday has passed with no item  and i am out of pocket
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