beats by Dr dre

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once again i am writing about fakes cropping up on ebay. do not get me wrong their are many genuine sellers out their but when the price seems too good to be true it usually is too good to be true and you should not buy from these sellers if you are looking for the 100% authentic item. looking for the authentic items? always look for a picture that had been taken of the actual item not just from the internet as many are always look for the ones that are priced nearest to their rrp and check the item description if it goes into great depth and is long you are likely to be buying from one of the trusty sellers. you should also check where the item is and how long the postage will take as say they are sitting in china they are more likely to be fake. i have a pair my self that i bought from the apple store in glasgow they are great quality and a must have fashion accessory. if you are wanting the real 100% authentic genuine item go to a known retailer

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