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Let the coastguard know when you put to sea
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Let the coastguard know when you put to sea

 So you’re thinking of buying that boat. Firstly you wouldn’t buy a car without having it checked over if you can take someone who knows about boats to make sure its sea worthy.
Let’s assume all is well with the boat you need to next think where it will be kept, if it’s a trailer boat or needs moorings. This will add to the cost best to check from where you will be launching from to see what fees they charge. I would advise you to join a boating club as they should run courses on boat handling etc or contact the RYA. There may be a charge but its well worth doing as driving a vessel is not like a car, there is so much to take in to account.
We still haven’t got our feet wet yet but you also need to think of what safety equipment you will need. Do not penny pinch on this it’s may not just be your life that could depend on this it could also be your crew/passengers but also the people who may need to rescue you.
Flares (check they are in date and good condition)
Lifejackets that fit everyone on board and wear them
VHF radio do not think a mobile phone will do you battery’s go and signals may not be good.
You will need a licence and have a course in how to use it.
Fire extinguisher
Tool kit
A bucket to use as a bailer
An Anchor with enough chain – depending on where you are boating usually
Lights (Navigation, Hand lamps)
Throwing line
Engine kill switch
Rader reflector
Rules of the road book
The list above is not exhaustive by any means so think of the extra cost. Boating can be a great passed time if you’re willing to put the extra time in to leaning all that goes with it. It can also be a dent in the water you pour money in to. For more advice contact your local Coastguard/RNLI/Boat Club and visit the rya web site
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