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mothercare movix footmuff

when looking for a new foot muff i came across the mothercare movix.
i could not beleive how beautiful  this foot muff  is, nice shower proof outside without being hard, a small hood to make sure your child is covered from head to toe. long enough to fit a tall child mine being 3 and still fits inside comfortably, which can be a problem with other foot muffs,
the softest fleece i have ever felt inside, making it very cosy and comfortable,  inside in the foot well it has a plastic material on the back and the from to make sure the footmuff is kept clean inside from your little walkers. very easy to wipe down and no need to remove shoes every time you put your toddler in.
the zip on the foot muff is a double zip that goes all the way around, so can be zipped right off leaving a comfy seat pad that will protect your stroller. also can be zipped down on both side at the top so your child can have their arms out,  the holes for the straps to go through on the liner part of the foot muff are wide enough so that it will fit most prams. have had no proble fitting it on the 3 prams that i own that have wide straps, best foot muff i have ever owned and i have owned a few.
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