bestway lay z spa

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I've just read the post by Barry about his spa and thought I'd share our experience.  We're now on our 5th pump (6 if you count one that went wrong inside the warranty period and was actually replaced) - so have spent a lot of money with Bestway one way and another.  The spas are great fun, but the heater element in the pump rarely lasts for long.  We only use ours for a short season in the summer - May to about September - and have ended up buying a new one almost every year as last year's inevitably packs up shortly after getting it out of storage.  This year we got the spa out and it worked until one day past the warranty period!  We change the filter regularly and keep the water in good condition, but the heaters keep going wrong. Some of the pumps we have had make the most AWFUL noise, even when new, making the whole experience less than restful.  We're now seriously considering the investment in a permanent spa because Bestway just can't get their act together with these pumps.  As my husband says - if you purchased a kettle you would expect it to work a bit more reliably than this.

... and while I'm writing, if you do decide to buy one - the zip closure is a pain in the *ss - go for the bungee.



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