beware frausters!

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hi being new to ebay does not mean being totally niave! so when an ebayer done a buy it now on one of my items i was really pleased but i saw a couple of things that made me doubt the so called genuine motives of the ebayer and i decided to share my experiance;
firstly the ebayer was from south africa, now i have heard lots about the scams from there so my mistrust antenna went up! but you know i carried on as you have to give the ebayer the benefit of the doubt, off i went to investigate! the next strange thing i found was the 0 feedback score, normally when new ebayers start on ebay they dont buy expensive items they want to get a feel for ebay 1st! so smaller items are normally purchased, next i saw they had set their feedback to private, why? they had none!
the next thing was when they contacted me for total price, i had clearly listed the postage price to south africa, strange, but i sent an invoice, why not could be genuine!
then i received a email from paypal (but it wasnt from paypal) stating that i had new funds, but it was being held untill i provided the tracking number, as to keep both buyer and seller safe as i was a new seller!
it looked just like a paypal email, it had a transaction number, buyers address everything! but i have never been asked to click a link to add a tracking number in an email before and i sure as hell wasnt about to start!
i forwarded the email to and yep they informed me 5 mins later it was indeed fraudulent! if i had clicked anywhere in the email they the fraudsters would have had all my details and access to all my account information!
so be aware paypal never send emails asking you to click links etc.. and if you are ever in doubt contact they soon put you in the picture.
Imagine if i had just believed the email sent the item, then clicked the link to add the tracking number, i would have been really conned!
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