beware if buying dvd movie from 21cvideos!!!

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i have left 50 positive feedbacks, only received 40 positives, i pay instantly with paypal, but some powersellers, once they have their money & the positive feedbacks, they cant be bothered to leave you feedback!!! i just reminded (user id) 21cvideos to leave me feedback, infact here is what was e-mailed to him "

"hi, left positive feedback for you, infact i've left over 50 positive feedbacks, and received only 40 in return, even though i pay instantly! i see i am awaiting a positive from you."

THIS is the entire contents of the e-mail he sent me in reply to that, it can be e-mailed to you, if you ask me, and i have reported this "plank" to e-bay as it was totally offensive and not neccesary!!

"o.k i've got to say it-what do people like you expect exactly?

where, in our auctions, does it say i will leap towards the post office-moments after the auction?  infact, we pay someone to take things to the post office, as we run a shop with just 1 member of staff open 13 hours a day i have to arrange this specifically.

this means we do postage once a week-something 1000s of people have had no problem with up to now e bay customers are getting stupider.

do i need to paint this in BIG LETTERS to avoid the impatient whining people like you want to generate?

if you're in a hurry, try leaving your house (it's a scary world out there!!) and visiting a shop- oh wait, these dvd's cost a lot more in shops- so you want it cheap AND you want it NOW!-would you like me to watch it for you aswell, save even that effort?

shall i just not bother and leave you to pay more?

then theres the feedback thing- i handle ebay stuff 1-2 days a week and i leave feedback when i'm sure people are happy/parcels have arrived etc.- again this isnt good enough. it would appear you sit in-front of your computer day in and day out impatiently pressing refresh and getting more and more wound- up because someone else isn't quite as idle as you are...

seriously- do me a favour and get a grip...

i wanted to leave you a neutral feedback for being a whining irritation- the shop owner wouldn't let me- next time i won't ask and i'll save other sellers the misery of dealing with you..."


WELL, I GOT ALL THAT ABUSE FOR REQUESTING THE SHOP TO LEAVE ME A POSITIVE FEEDBACK!!! there is another customer called 1677 wood, on the feedback page, have contacted him about this abuse, will update this later, this seller doesnt want to be bothered by customers AT ALL, so why dont we all do him a massive favour, and not buy anything from him, SO THE "PLANK" CAN GO BANKRUPT!!! what a total numpty....if you still decide to buy from this "plank" then do not say you were not warned!!!  update, reported the seller to e-bay customer support, along with his e-mail to me, and as expected, they say they cant take it any further, with an e-mail like this! it is blatantly obvious that e-bay are not concerned with anything other than getting their fees!!!

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