bidding fever.

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   I am writing this guide as it has come to my notice that some sellers are trying to get a lot more for their items than the same item would cost up the high st. You really need to have a price to compare with, even if it's a magazine, catalogue or advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. Ebay IS GREAT for finding a bargain........but scammers have 101 tricks up their sleeves to try and con you from your pennies. For example.........Selling cheap inferior products from China but using a picture from a good quality version........countrabrand in fact. Or getting their mates to raise the bids. I've seen engine cleaners for TWICE the price as they were down looked EXACTLY the same, in fact the photo was probally nicked from their catalogue.And speaking of photo's.........beware of blurred photo's with a poor excuse that they can't take a decent photo......BULL! Todays cameras do all the thinking for you, even the cheaper ones, fair enough if they are taking the photo on a 1926 camera with a tripod and flash powder and a cloth draped over their heads..........but i doubt it very much. No, it is probally blurred becouse they want it that way so you can't see the defects.
Descriptions : If they state in their description that it is perfect and it is not........don't be bullied into leaving a positive feedback. Tell it like it is. The description in their words is part of a legally binding conract. This is why you should ask as many questions as possible if you don't know the seller or have doubts, get them to commit themselves in their own words. Even if they consider the questions cheeky or akward. Remember some may be economical with the truth.
It stands to reason that you always should be honest in your description of your own articles, and point out any flaws.
Watch out for huge postal charges and if the charge on the packet is much less than what you were charged, give them the feedback they rightly deserve, unless they are prepared to refund you.
Happy ebaying!
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