billing over payment

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Do Not Remove Even If The Truth Hurts
Have you ever wondered how your funds are taken regardless to you owing or not.
WE have advertised some time ago and not wishing to owe any funds to my account we settle early with sales removing the funds we gain in a profitable manor we settle the selling account Either Purchasing With Gains Or Transferring To Pay Our Home bills. .

Now when a moronic member or two & three does not pay for the purchase Whines giving an abundance of bull 4 not paying 4 item purchased ebay have stuck their craw in as they invariably  mess up a perfect day.

E bay DO TAKE THEIR Selling Fees
E Bay DO TAKE THEIR Commission
E Bay Do NOT take care of the members
E Bay Do NOT Understand a complaint
E bay Do NOT Refund FVF without A Fight
E Bay Do Not Refund Account Overpayment ( Automatically As They Should )
E Bay Do Not Expect A Member to Request Credit From Their Account
E Bay Expect The Member To Spend The Account Credit Re advertising Rather Than Have To Squabble Over Pennies Or A few Pounds.
E bay Do Not Permit A Member To Use The facilities Unless Paypal account registered
E Bay Cannot Read
E Bay cannot Comprehend A Written Request
E Bay answer Requests With Questions
E Bay Dislike To refund

E Bay Do Like The Member To Keep Quiet
E Bay Do Like Members To Sell
E Bay  Do Like Members Not To Complain
E Bay Do Like Members To Advertise
E bay Do Like Members To Write Concerning A Subject The Support Are Unable To Comprehend
E Bay Do Like To Reply Stating The Individual Has Complied With Your Inquiry But Action Nothing

If you are fortunate enough to communicate with a very good customer support staff member who will go the length of the enquirey you are very fortunate  ( Save their name & locality & being an ebay member will serve you through out your membership )



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