blaupunkt lucca 3.5 satnav good or bad ? BAD

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if your thinking of buying a well trusted name in sat navs , then try and avoid the blaupunkt lucca range, though they look good they dont perform good, they have 1 installed female voice, which sounds like a robot, it has basic map displays and is very small on the screen, even though its suppose to be a 4.3 inch type, maps are the biggest problem with these, they are often out of date and will cost you a decent £60 plus to get the latest tele atlas one downloaded, sellers boast about these as if they leave other satnavs behind ? it really is the other way around,i tried one and on a number of journeys it could not detect i was on a road that had been there for the last 3 years or more,which is very confusing,the tmc traffic information on these sets are hopeless not once did it tune into any fm station , it does not support a full postcode search, 4 digits and thats your lot.all in all its a satnav that will more or less get you from a to b but can be  frustrating at times getting to your destination,i bought one and within a few days wanted to bin it, i ended up buying a tomtom xl refurbished model, which is spot on and has all the support, downloads and hosts of extras you can throw at it so before you part with your money on a blaupunkt, think again, my tomtom was cheaper and far superior wont get my fingers burnt again

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