bob martin spot on flea and tick treatment for cats and

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 I have seen my one of my two kittens die after using bob martins flea treatment,her sister luckily managed to pull through after we got her to the vets in time.i am doing my very best to fight this product and need as much information and help i can get,pet owners need to be aware of what effects their beloved pets can have within seconds of coming in contact with the stuff!!! they can have anything from burning of the skin to actual death..the packaging doesnt state any information on effects or how to deal with them which is so wrong,vets are also trying to make people aware of the effects as they are seeing so many deaths and injuries from this..
i have a facebook group which i would like to make people aware of ..please feel free to contact me if you are willing to help me in any way at all
if just one animal is stopped from suffering then my message is getting across
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