brake lever travel

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i finally sorted out the troubles with my old 1100 gsxr namely excessive travel with the brake lever .

the problem was i had to quickly pump the lever before i could use my brake effectively, not good when you are really travelling

i had inspected the pads and the discs were in sound condition. the hoses were changed to goodridge- a small improvement but still too much travel

the brakes were bled on several occasions and this had no effect....mmmm

after stripping the pads and calipers i noticed that the pads friction material was seperating from the backplate due to rust or was it the bonding that had failed?

the lever travel was being used to compress the pad together befor i got an effective bite. i dread to think what if the friction material had seperated completely.

check your brakes closely!!!!!!

anyway a set of HH and bingo, awesome brakes!!!

i hope this helps any one who may be experiencing brake troubles with older bikes...

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