break 80 in golf (Shaping Shots)

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One of the greatest satisfactions this game has to offer is shaping shots through the air and i mean intertionally! It's a serious stroke-saver , too. You can work the ball into tight pin posions with your aproach shots'say'hiting a draw when the pin is in the left portion of the green or a fade when the pin is on the right. Equally' manipulating the trajectory of your shots has great benefits; a low-flying shot can help younegotiate obstructions blocking your way.

 high ball

Making drastic changes to your set-up and swing is not a fruitful exercise,In my view. Best keep things subtle . To hit a high, soft landing shot,postion the ball a little further forword in your stance and feel as though you make a slightly more upright swing. The feeling through impact is of staying behind the ball.



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