brianandjemma - Buyer Beware!!!!!!!

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Be very careful if you buy anything off Ebay member; brianandjemma

I bought an item off them back in February 2010, sadly it never arrived. Despite several emails, and a promise to refund me I never got a penny back off them. Then unfortunately due to serious personal problems I was not in a position to chase them up or open a claim via PayPal, but like I said, I was promised they would refund me so I didn't anticipate any problems.

I am extremely saddened to say that I have never received any money that they owe to me, and now to add insult to injury, every single email I send them explaining the situation is being ignored.

Ebay simply will not help, (well they have had their fees now haven't they!), and I am now left feeling as though I have been mugged by common theives. I guess you really should take more care and read peoples feedback thoroughly, I mean, 88.2% feedback from 15 transactions is exceptionally poor isn't it?

So please take care when buying from these people and learn from mine, Karlobulo's, lady-tara-oakwell's and vanessa_hazeldene-2008's bad experiences. They are newbies, and have only been members for around 3 months at the time of writing this, but you would think that considering their very poor feedback rating that Ebay would suspend them and train them in the art of trading on their site. Anyway, they hopefully seem to have gone to ground after their last negative seller feedback on the 20th March, (from Ebay member Karlobulo who didn't receive their item either!)

I make no apology for writing this as no-one involved will help at all, and I feel it is only fair for all the honest members of the Ebay community.

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