brodie_into_europe's guide to ebay success

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We model ourselves at brodie_into_europe on customer satisfaction. We find that on ebay you achieve more success being honest and open with all your customers. Let your customers know where they stand, if there is a fault with a product you have sold them then offer some sort of compensation.

Despite brodie_into_europe being a new addition to the ebay world of commerce, we nevertheless have learnt a hell of alot in the short period of time we have been actively trading.

We offer customer incentives. Every month we offer a new reward to past customers. For example If you purchased a product in the month of July you receive 15% off any item you purchase in the month of August. Tokens of good will and mutual respect to the consumer is essential to ebay success.

Sometimes we offer a quantity of 10 items for sale, but send 11 off to the winning bidder, as a token of good will and a way of promotion..

The one tradition brodie_into_europe is always going to keep despite how large we become is the ability to answer direct questions from anyone. Despite the size of their order, all customers are important to us, and all customers will receive the rewarding benefits of purchasing from brodie_into_europe, we offer what no other ebay business can offer! THE PERSONAL TOUCH!
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