buy a good quality autographs by memoribiliamoments

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Hi everyone

Ok I have written this guide for one because i do not sell or have any intention of selling autographs, and two I want to help people buy wisely.

This is not a difinative guide but a helpful one.

1) read through all the description, completely.

2) If there is a rare autograph going for say £20-00 the why is it going so cheap? when in a London auction house it will be say £500-00

3) If its an older star and they died in say the 1950's - check to see what colour the signature is in and if its in ink, biro, marker (will not be genuine if the pen's were not even invented

4) Is it a reprint? and many older signed photos are usually on 7x5 photos as this was the size sent out more than often from studios etc.

5) A C.O.A is not a proof of a genuine signature, most of them can be run up on any P.C and unless they are from a reputable autograph dealer with unlimited guarentee's they are not worth the damage to the enviroment by using the paper.

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