buy a mobile phone from ebay?No.t likely

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My experience of buying mobile phones from e bay are pretty bleak.Feed back means nothing these crooks who sell phones knowing that they are faulty need to be banned from ebay. the first phone I have to admit a sony walkman for my son was fine  apart from the accesories that were included. The phone cost £50.00 that was ok. but the car charger was broken.The earphones came with just one earpeice and the main charger had peices miissing from the plug in bit.i contacted the seller several times and got no response.But I thought £ 50.00 its not the end of the world.
.My daughter  looked on ebay for a phone  found a Nokia n95  £180 00 with postage  2 weeks old never been used! we checked out the seller and he looked good .How wrong.!
The phone arrived and the first thing we found was that the clip that holds the battery cover in place was broken,after it had been on charge for 24 hours it only holds a charge for about 3hrs I contacted the seller who asked me to get it checked. all this takes time going to differrent shops and they really dont  want to know because you havent bought it from them. As I said time goes on. I have been emailing the seller with progress reports. I dont get any response. because the 60 days has run out ,honestly time flys and you dont notice,
But as  I had kept in touch  I thought it was ok not so . The seller has disapeared ebay dont want to know neither do pay pal.The moral of the story is  dont trust any body if you buy a phone dont  spend more than £50.00 Feed back is is not a good indicator of  honesty. Most electrical stuff can be bought cheaper now from argos or currys and you dont have to pay stupid postage.
Please contact me and let me know your views if you think I am writing rubbish. I do realise I have only my self to blame for the purchases.But I thought that bay was about trust.

As a post script it turned out the Nokia was a Chinese clone and tne Sony is still going even after being submerged in water,we left it a few days then dosed it with WD40 it worked straight away althoughit took a while for the screen to clesr but its ok.Just stuck in a draw know its not the model to have.
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