buyer beware- ideas for new ebayers

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Keep details of item, seller and method of payment,( cheque numbers) and method of postage, helps trace an item and helps you check you have received your items, you can tick them off in coloured pen when you have received your item, and it will help you trace any missing cheques or payments. Especially if you do a lot on ebay. I have two small receipt books one for selling and one for buying. In the front I have a list of ebayers I won't deal with again. You can also keep a list or note of sellers you like or dislike near your computer to glance at when considering an item, Read feedback as even in the green you can get comments that tell you more than the tick does. Especially recent comments, within say the last month or so. Any ebayer can get a negative, so read before jumping to conclusions. the more people do on ebay the more likely the chance of an occassional negative.Do not leave your own feedback until you have completed your part of the transaction. Beware of private feedback as you have know way of knowing why it is private,The comments are valuable information. And some people do work tit for tat feedback. It's not fair but it does happen. You can keep a copy of all messages in your ebay message box to refer to if any problems. it automatically keeps all those you send through ebay messages. A receipt can be obtained from the post office for all mail, for items under £30 at no additional cost, it may not be recorded delivery but it does show you posted the mail/item. Over £30 would require insurance. Beware of items that are unrealistic, some sellers will not send items if the sale price did not reach their expectations,and they may claim they did not receive the monies. This is one good reason to have a receipt, or recorded delivery signature. Do keep an eye on your bank statements, missing cheques can turn up months later. Your bank can stop a lost cheque,and Paypal may not refund all your monies. If you pay through a credit card check on there liability under the consumer credit act. If you get harassment from another ebayer let ebay know. Harassment is illegal and ebay and your ISP can help you stop it.
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