buyer protection

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i bought an item from a seller and never received it. i opened a dispute and eventually got half my money back. the reason given for this was that there were insufficient funds in his pay pal account. i did not receive any money from ebay and the seller went on to do the same thing to several other people. he then used the same email address to set up another ebay account. i informed ebay of this and told them that if he was trading again then i thought it only right that they should claim the money back that he had basically stolen from people. i have had no response from ebay other than being told basically to mind my own business, and it looks like i will never get my money back. so please be careful who you buy from, check their i.d. history etc, i will only buy now from well established sellers. ebay really need to sort this kind of thing out but until they do, be careful!
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