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i bought a bike from seller rockbottom43

i emailed this seller rockbottom 43 and asked if the bike was in good condition all working as i wanted it as a present for my son and the pictures of it looked good

the seller replied saying there was nothing wrong with the bike and it was in good working order

as the bike was pick up only and i lived very far away i emailed to seller to see if i could buy from them and have it delivered the seller agreed to send it

i won the bike for £90 but when i contacted seller he wanted me to pay another £20 as he said he wanted more for the bike so i then payed this through paypal

i then rang the seller on a number he sent me i again asked to be sure there was nothing wrong with the bike he asured me there was no faults and the bike was good

i then paid £46 for delivery

when the bike come it was in a very mudding and poor condition full of rust brake levers broken brakes did not work forks were broken frame was badly scratched it was a complete load of  rubbish and unfixable

i contacted seller straight away he said send it back and he will pay £90 back i thought as he had lied about the condition to this i want all money back i then reported to ebay they did not reply to one email opened a dispute and then it come back in my favor so i thought good ill get my money back so i contacted seller and told him im sending bike back for all my money

he replied he aint paying me back so i thought im not sending the bike back to get no money i tried to email ebay to tell them but they did not respond then the dipute ended and ebay said i wont get any money back now as they did not hear from me

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