buyer states goods not received , paypal refunds buyer

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i posted package to italy via standard air mail(this service is what the buyer paid for). the buyer (comdiego) tells me the item has not been received, i inform buyer to make initial enquiries at their end first, buyer does not inform me that this has been done and within a few days i log in to my paypal account and discover that there is a buyer dispute on my account. the italian buyer is not willing to wait until i can submit a claim with the royal mail( i can only do this after 25 working days have elapsed) and even then their enquiries can take up to 3 months to complete!! The italian buyer has an UNCONFIRMED address with paypal and even though i can furnish proof of posting, paypal decide in favour of the buyer and FORCE me into giving a FULL refund. i complained to paypal and was told that i must give tracking details to be eligible for the claim to be settled in my favour. i stated that the buyer had paid for standard airmail only and reiterated the fact that i could supply proof of posting, but to no avail and the refund was given back to the buyer(even though this buyer could be making the whole thing up). paypal offer NO SELLER PROTECTION unless the seller charges potential overseas buyers an extra £3.50 for international signed for service, then it would cost a possible £8.00 for postage etc and become too expensive for overseas buyers. PAYPAL IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME FOR SELLERS, it appears to be there to be abused by Fraudelent and/or Uncooperative Buyers!!!!


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